More than 40 themes for television, including:

National Geographic Explorer theme
ABC's Monday Night Football
NBC's Barcelona Olympic theme
ABC's Movie of the Week
USA Network's World Premier Movie and Primetime Movie
ABC's National and American League Baseball Playoffs
A&E's Winds of Change
ESPN's Spartacus
Fox Television's News
NBC's Hallmark series theme
ABC's College Basketball
NBC's Sport Hallmark
Themes for NBC's 1988 Superbowl

Over 30 scores for motion pictures and theatre, including:

The Scarecrow - Warner Brothers
The Great American West - IMAX
The Wreck of the Andrea Doria - National Geographic
A More Perfect Union - Docudrama
The Crash - Sundance Film Festival
Discovery Theater - Landmark Entertainment
My Demon Lover - Sundance Film Festival
Rigoletto - Feature Films for Families
Yellowstone Wolves - Turner Original Productions
Dolphins in Danger - Turner Original Productions
Novell - Corporate Film
The Secret Garden and Season - Utah Symphony / Ballet West (ballet)

Awards & Honors:

Emmy® Award for work on ABC's coverage of Winter Olympics
Best Score, A More Perfect Union, New York Film & Video Festival
Member, Sundance Institute Utah Advisory Board
Fellow, Sundance Film Composer Lab
Voting Member, N.A.R.A.S. (The Grammy's)

Collaborations with artist such as:

Robert Redford
Mary Hart
Vanessa Williams
Lou Rawls
Paul Williams
George Burns
Robert & Richard Sherman
Bob Hope
Dolly Parton
Kenny Loggins
Take 6
Donny Osmond
John Schneider

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