Working with the "Non-Idol"

Working with the Non-Idol

Over the past few year, I've been so-so about the TV show phenomenon "American Idol."> I've often felt a little silly around the water cooler (or studio console) as friends cheered their favorite Idol - many already achieving "one-name" status (Beau, Daughtery, etc). I NEVER could stomach the early rounds as the Holy Troyka (Randy, Paula, and Simon "LeGree") use some of the "vocally challenged" as comic pawns in their quest for rocketing ratings. It's just too mean for me.

However, this last season, I found myself tuning in to discover if this cherubic kid from Murray Utah was the real thing. Although he didn't win, I have to say that he definitely had "chops."

Well - last night, it was my pleasure to work with him in the studio on a couple of tunes he was recording on his new CD. As I produced his vocal tracking, I was taken by just how effortlessly he came up with fresh and new licks - each one better than the next and all distinctively "David."

So, yes, I am a big fan of David Archuleta (and his sweet and supportive parents Jeff and Lupe). Our musical world is better with this high school senior in it. Oh - and no, I probably won't be watching this season of A.I. either - at least not until I feel like the dumb one at the drinking fountain again.

updated 6 years ago