Bestor's Best - Top Three Finalists Announced SOON!

Bestor's Best - Top Three Finalists Announced SOON!
Congrats to ALL who had the guts to sing for me in this year's Bestor's Best Singer Search. Here are the top finalists from all the auditions. I'm still reviewing my notes and should have my top three finalists by tonight or tomorrow. Expect an email and/or phone call to notify you. I'll also post it here. Thanks again everyone! Kurt

St. George
Brodie Perry
Bruce Bennett
Naylee Hanks
Sally Workman

Emily Pugh
Teresa Eggertson
Laura McMurtrey
Jeanne Madsen
Matt Maile Jr.
Jen Hardy
Suzy Lind

Rebecca Jensen
Kirstin Allen
Phil Mabbit
Chelsey Stallings
Phillip Linford
Andrew Schull
Kate Overton
Amber Clark
Joni Stott
Ariana Escalante

Salt Lake City
Renee Rubio
Katrina Madsen
Brian Allred
Jeremy Threlfall
Andy Fernik
Daniel Tarasevich
Aimee Geddes
Gabe Redondo
Sammy Kay Folgmann
Margie Chadburn
Adam Taula

Spencer Ellison
Autumn Jamison
Terelle Wickman
Earnest Cooper
Jackie Reese

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