play Pas de Deux Éternelle

from Innovators II: Keepers of the Flame

This song is a classical one and one I composed as a tribute to Ekaterina Gordeeva and her husband, the late Sergei Grinkov - two Olympic champions whose career and life together ended when he died unexpectedly.
He is represented by a cello solo (played beautifully by my friend Ellen Bridger) and she, the violin, performed by Igor Gruppman.The piece follows their perfect synchronicity which is disrupted by his tragic death. Then, musically, the violin flounders - not knowing how to skate alone. Eventually, she skates again - this time in perfect sync with the wonderful memory of him.

*This song was part of the 2002 Winter Olympic Arts celebration and was performed at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pas De Deux Éternelle by kurtbestor

For sheet music of this piece - CLICK HERE

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